Thursday, March 1, 2018

diy rose lip balm

rose lip balm by Stella Crown
Today’s post is dedicated to the Damask rose, the absolute rose fragrance, sweet, luxurious, simply divine! The flower which actually is the Persian ambassador of passion and love since the ancient times - inspired even the Persian poet Saadi of Shiraz to write the famous work Gulistan (The Rose Garden).
Our beloved rose was transported to Europe during the Crusade and today is cultivated in Iran, China, India, Turkey, Bulgary and Russia. It is one of the oldest varieties, while throughout the Middle East the Damask rose is mentioned as the most perfect of all flowers, being the symbol of faith and love.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

diy cupcake bath bombs

cupcake bath bombs by Stella Crown
What's better than a delicious cupcake? more cupcakes, whispers a little voice in my ear. The right answer for the style of this blog though, is cute bath bombs that look like cupcakes!
They are surprisingly easy to make while they can become a beautiful, special and economic gift! Suitable for relaxation and rejuvenation after a busy day and can be used even from your children if you avoid the essential oils, turning the bath time into a play!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

eléa body scrub with olive oil, barbary fig & Messolonghi sea salt

eléa body scrub by Stella Crown
“Eléa Skin Care Products” was created by us a few years ago in Innsbruck of Austria, in order to “transport” our friends there to the marvellous Greek Civilization. Because Greece is not only famous for the Parthenon Temple or the beautiful greek islands. Greece is also famous for its tradition in aromatherapy and cosmetology since antiquity (read about Cold Cream and Galen of Pergamon, here), for the rare herbs, the sea, the sun and the mineral wealth.
One of the projects I presented back then, was a body scrub that it really "smells" like Greece, using mostly greek ingredients.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

how to make herbal balms & salves

herbal beeswax salve by Stella Crown
One of the favourite cosmetic creations that beginners prefer and love, are balms and salves because they are easy to make as they consist only two main ingredients: oil and beeswax or plant wax. Balms and salves are actually half-sterile ointments based on beeswax and enriched with herbal infused oils that are traditionally used to nourish and hydrate a fully dehydrated skin and relieve a variety of irritations, wounds, burns etc. The only thing that you have to do is to add a certain quantity of wax; the more wax, the more solid the balm.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

diy moisturising facial gel-cream with aloe vera & evening primrose

aloe vera & evening primrose gel-cream by Stella Crown
Some years ago, in my first attempts to make creams and lotions, I tried to make a moisturizing gel-cream for my face. This came up because I have oily skin and cold cream, the only cream I made at that time, it was totally greasy for me. It was also a quick solution with easy ingredients, to have a cream immediately, because the only thing I had to do was just mixing. It's basically aloe vera gel, in which I added soy lecithin and voila! a refreshing cream with sweet and pleasant fragrance that leaves the skin hydrated and silky.