Wednesday, December 13, 2017

diy melt & pour Christmas soap bundt cakes

Christmas soap bundt cakes by Stella Crown
Another festive project is posted at the last moment as always because I am from Greece and Greeks are popular for this feature? behaviour? something like that! 😂 Christmas bundt cake in the menu for today, the famous dessert because of its pronunciation, the cake of Toula's Portocalos parents-in-law, from “My big fat Greek wedding”!!! The crucial scene I am talking about is here 😆😆😅
And because we loved the exotic African black soap, I used again the black soap base made of shea butter and coconut oil, by adding this time 

Cleopatra's beauty secret: the donkey milk! which is the predominantly natural tightening product as its composition resembles human breast milk. It used to be the drink of aristocracy in ancient Rome, but it was also preferred by Van Gogh. It is referred by Pliny as a super anti-wrinkle substance while Hippocrates used it for therapeutic purposes. It contains vitamins A, D, E, B complex vitamins, 60 times more vitamin C than cow's milk, sodium, zinc, iron and phosphorus. Its high content in proteins, ceramides and phospholipids create a hydrolipid film on the skin, keeping moisture at normal levels, thus preventing dryness and dehydration, while is releasing amino acids that contribute to the production of collagen and elastin.
Let's go now to the recipe 👇👇

the recipe:
for the base:
1 kg | 35 oz African black soap base SLS free
50 g | 1.8 oz donkey milk powder
30 g | 1.1 oz flavouring oil
some drops of bitter chocolate BIO

for the icing:
100 g | 3.5 oz white soap base SLS free
4 g | 0.14 oz donkey milk powder
2 g | 0.07 oz flavouring oil

for the mistletoe (holly):
50 g | 1.8 oz crystal clear soap bas SLS free
food colouring

2 food syringes
silicon mold
work surface
4 beakers
electronic thermometer 
digital scale
spray bottle with alcohol or alcoholic lotion
  • Before start making the soap, sterilise tools, containers and work surface while don’t forget to wear your gloves.
  • Weigh the african black soap base, cut it into cubes, pour the soap into the beaker. Place the soap in microwave and melt for 10 seconds. Stir and melt for 10 seconds again. Repeat the process until your soap is completely melted. We use this technique because it prevents the soap from scorching.
  • Once the soap melts, stir with the whisker and when the temperature drops to 60 degrees Celsius, add the donkey milk powder, the flavouring oil and the chocolate drops. Mix well but not forcefully, we do not want bubbles. 
  • Spray with the alcoholic lotion or alcohol in the silicon mold and into the soap in order to remove any bubbles.
  • Pour the soap in the cold and wait for the soap to harden. When the soap is ready, release it from the mold.
  • Prepare in the same way the soap that you’ll use for the mistletoe (holly). The preparation of the mistletoe is easy as long as you find this mold 👇👇 
  • Follow the same procedure for the soap icing. When the icing is ready, spritz the soaps with alcohol and drizzle the soaps with a spoon or a dropper.
  • Allow to fully cool and harden and enjoy!
Stella Crown©