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diy natural head lice repellent lotions for kids

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natural head lice repellent lotion for kids by Stella Crown
The curse of school environment has for many years been the notorious head louse. Research has shown that at least one out of five kids has been infested with head lice at least once, while the argument of cleanliness has been abolished: anyone can get lice (it is however a bit harder for the dyed hair of adults). The problem however is not so much treating and getting rid of lice, as much as nits, the head lice eggs that hatch and produce even more lice. 

Firstly we reject the chemical treatments and we use herbal and pure solutions that will not only deal with the problem but will also nourish and tone the child’s head.
Therefore I prepared a recipe with vegetable oils and another one with floral waters. The procedure is as follows: first we apply the anti-lice oil spray, we wash hair twice with shampoo and then we apply the anti-lice floral water spray. We leave the mixture on the hair overnight and wash the child’s hair once again in the morning. With frequent use of the two mixtures say goodbye to lice once and for all. 
The lice treatment mixtures can also be used preventively on a regular basis, since they contain completely pure ingredients, so in case of an outbreak at school you won’t need to worry about lice! Necessary equipment: a lice comb and spray bottles.

recipes for ~200 g/ 7.2 oz

#anti-lice lotion with vegetable oils
100 g/ 3.6 oz early harvest olive oil
50 g/ 1.8 oz coconut oil
50 g/ 1.8 oz sweet almond oil
20 drops geranium essential oil
20 drops lemon essential oil
  • Put all ingredients in a sterilised spray bottle and shake very well. Spray onto the head and apply the mixture everywhere, from the roots of the hair to the ends. Spray also onto the neck, behind the ears as well as the forehead.
  • The fatty acids of the oils destroy lice as they detach them from the hair; at this point is when we use the special comb. Comb meticulously until you don’t see lice on the comb anymore.
  • In order to remove greasiness from hair, first shampoo the hair and then rinse with water. Repeat once.
  • You can repeat the lice-fighting procedure with the oil spray as many times as you want.
  • After washing, dry the hair and apply the following recipe:     

#anti-lice lotion with floral waters
100 g/ 3.6 oz rosemary floral water
100 g/ 3.6 oz lavender floral water
5 drops thyme essential oil
5 drops geranium essential oil
5 drops lemon essential oil
  • Put all ingredients in a sterilized spray bottle and shake very well. Spray onto the head and apply the mixture everywhere, from the roots of the hair to the ends, massaging lightly.
  • At this stage we don’t wash the child’s hair. We let the mixture act overnight and wash hair in the morning.
  • This mixture can be sprayed preventively as well, anytime you wish. Besides the child’s head, you can also spray on shoulders, clothes, coats, jackets, hats, bags or any other surface you think might have lice.

ok, but what happens with the nits? 
The nits won’t be removed that easily. This is why I will propose here the classic alcohol method. Spray with alcohol and wrap the scalp in a plastic bag (you can use bobby pins to help you). If the skin is irritated from scratching, using alcohol will unfortunately be a painful and tingling experience. Alcohol however can save you. It raises temperature and pops the lice eggs. Leave alcohol on hair for about half an hour and then remove the bag. You can wash the hair afterwards if you wish.

(while I was writing this post, I was scratching my head inadvertently as if I really had lice - amazing what your mind can do, eh?) 

Stella Crown© 
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