Sunday, October 18, 2015

diy wild rose & honey night repair serum

night repair serum by Stella Crown
I have so many recipes which I want to post but I get stressed, confused and in the end… I do nothing😳😱 However, I found some time today to share with you a recipe for a night facial serum, which I have been using for a long time and my skin has fully responded. A night repair serum that stimulates, deeply nourishes the skin and "erases" the wrinkles.
Super easy recipe as we will simply mix our materials and we will not need to heat anything! I would advise you not to ignore any of the ingredients; get quality materials to make a quality  product that a conventional cosmetics company would sell it over 80€ at least!
Guest star: the unique rose hip oil which I chose because it penetrates the skin deeply, renews the skin cells, is rich in vitamin C and fatty acids and enhances the production of natural collagen. It moisturizes and it is absorbed very fast from the skin, it stimulates the skin elasticity, it reduces broken capillaries and is considered the No1 vegetable oil against aging while in the,
Extras: we add honey protein or honeyquat, because it softens the skin, moisturizes and has properties much higher than the common vegetable glycerin. It is a fluid component and water-soluble and that’s why, every time before the use of the serum, we will shake lightly and gracefully in order to mix with the the ingredients.

recipe for ~ 50 g | 1.8 oz

15 g | 0.53 oz rose hip oil
10 g | 0.35 oz jojoba oil
10 g | 035 oz centella asiatica oil
5 g | 0.18 oz evening primrose oil
5 g | 0.18 oz argan oil
1 g | 0.04 oz aloe vera gel
1 g | 0.04 oz silk protein
1 g | 0.04 oz honeyquat
1 g | 0.04 oz vitamin E
0,5 g | 0.02 oz vitamin A
0,5 g | 0.02 oz pomegranate seed extract
3 drops myrrh essential oil
3 drops neroli essential oil
3 drops chamomile essential oil
2 drops rosa damascena essential oil
  • Before start making the serum, sterilise tools, containers, work surface and wear gloves.
  • Pour all the ingredients in a beaker and stir thoroughly with a coffee mixer. Put the mixture into a dark bottle and the serum is ready to use it.
  • Shake the bottle every time before use and apply 5-7 drops with circular massage on the face, neck and chest, after removing makeup and before bedtime. In the morning cleanse your skin as usual and apply your moisturizing facial cream.
  • Jojoba oil is a wax ester that resembles the sebum of human skin and therefore penetrates into the skin more easily than any other vegetable oil. It is absorbed directly and quickly without leaving greasiness, it is high in vitamin E, minerals and fatty acids, it offers antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties while it reduces wrinkles and stimulates skin elasticity.
  • Centella asiatica is characterized as the elixir of youth. Tonic and anti-inflammatory oil that stimulates the loose skin. Powerful and healing oil, rich in triterpenes and glycosides, vitamin K, magnesium, calcium, sodium and saponins. It provides antioxidant protection, strengthens collagen and gives elasticity to the skin.
  • Evening primrose oil is extremely rich in fatty acids, especially linolenic and gamma-linoleic, which belong to the famous omega-6. It also contains vitamins A, B and E , palmitic acid and polyphenols. It moisturizes even the most dry skin and prevents aging.
  • Argan oil is one of the best moisturizing facial oils and is suitable for all skin types. A rich source of acids and vitamins A and E, containing 80% monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega-9 and 6, as well as a significant percentage of linoleic acid, thus creating a protective barrier to the skin. It moisturises deeply while maintaining the elasticity of the skin and fights free radicals.
  • Aloe vera gel is astringent and softening, while silk protein makes the skin soft and supple by improving and maintaining its moisture.
  • Vitamin E is an antioxidant substance which provides a rich anti-aging and softening effect while vitamin A removes dead cells and repairs even the deepest wrinkles.
  • The pomegranate seed extract is sedative and anti-inflammatory, prevents the formation of wrinkles and repairs the already existing ones.
  • Myrrh essential oil is healing and soothing, neroli is detoxifying and refreshing, chamomile essential oil is anti-inflammatory, while the Damascus rose is firming and anti-aging.
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