Saturday, December 16, 2017

diy candy cane melt & pour soap

candy cane soap by Stella Crown
Like last year, I and my fellow workers are participating in Christmas bazaars this year again, where money will be allocated to the school needs. So, I set my imagination to work and this time I turned the classic Christmas candy canes into soap! Nice challenge, don’t you think?

Firstly I made melt & pour soapy Christmas ornaments which can be given also as a unique holiday gift. The recipe and the preparation method are here.
Then I made a melt & pour layered soap which is our base in this recipe and reminds our well-known candy canes!

While for the end, I left the frosting in which we will place the soapy ornaments as you can see in the first picture. Let’s see the recipe now!

ingredients for the layered soap:
for the white layer
600 g | 21 oz white melt & pour soap base SLS free
9 g | 0.32 oz shea butter
9 g | 0.32 oz apricot kernel oil
12 g | 0.42 oz candy floss flavouring oil

for the red layer
600 g | 21 oz crystal melt & pour soap base SLS free
9 g | 0.32 oz sweet almond oil
9 g | 0.32 oz macadamia oil
12 g | 0.42 oz candy floss flavouring oil

ingredients for the frosting:
400 g | 14 oz white melt & pour soap base SLS free
60 g | 2.1 oz vegetable glycerin
200 g | 7.1 oz rose floral water
8 g | 0.28 oz candy floss flavouring oil

silicon mold
cutting surface
2 beakers 1000 mL
electronic thermometer
digital scale
measuring spoons
spray bottle with alcohol or alcoholic lotion
hand mixer
pastry piping bag
silicon spatula
  • Before start making the soap, sterilise tools, containers and work surface while don’t forget to wear your gloves.
  • Firstly you will make the base. Weigh the soap bases, cut into cubes and leave them aside.
  • For the white layer: pour the soap cubes and all the other ingredients except the flavouring oil, into the beaker. Place the soap in microwave and melt for 10 seconds. Stir and melt for 10 seconds again. Repeat the process until your soap is completely melted. This technique prevents the soap from scorching. Add the flavouring oil and stir.
  • Spray with alcohol into the soap to remove any bubbles but also into the mold. Pour the soap in the cold and spray again. Get prepared for the red layer.
  • For the red layer: follow the same process.
  • Check the white layer to see if it hardens. If not, put it in the fridge for a while. 
  • When the temperature of the red layer reaches 60 degrees Celsius, spray with alcohol the white layer very well to make sure that the layers will stick together. Now, pour the red layer.
  • Repeat in the same way with the remaining white and soaps. If necessary, reheat the soaps in the microwave using 10 second bursts and be careful not to scorch the soap.
  • Allow the soap to fully cool and harden. Continue with the frosting.
  • For the frosting: Melt the soap in the microwave with the 10 second bursts and then pour it into a large stainless bowl. Add the vegetable glycerin, the flavouring oil and the half of the water. stir thoroughly with the hand mixer and when the soap starts to stick on the mixer blades add the rest of the water. Stir again and put the whipped soap into the piping bag by using the spatula.
  • Spay the top of the layered soap with alcohol and pour the whipped soap on in the same way as when we make cakes or cupcakes.
  • Place the soapy ornaments in the frosting, sprinkle with golden or silver mica and the candy cane soap is ready. 
  • Wait for the soap to harden and cut it in bars with a long knife.
Stella Crown©