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diy Dead Sea salt scrub

diy Dead Sea salt scrub
I think this is the right time for a traditional peeling with Dead Sea salts combined with herbal ingredients that all together will exfoliate and moisturise our skin deeply.
The purpose of the current scrub is removing toxins, dead skin cells and revitalising the skin by improving its elasticity. The Dead Sea salts scrub stimulates, tightens and improves the microcirculation of the capillaries. These salts are rich in minerals so after we use them, our skin will look firmer, smooth and hydrated.
Caution: Do not use this product during pregnancy and lactation. Do not use it if you have high blood pressure. Do not expose your skin to the sun after using a formula which contains any of the citrus oils.

recipe for ~ 200 g/ 100 ml / 7 oz
80 g/ oz Dead Sea salts
80 g/ oz white crystal sugar
13 g/ oz hazelnut oil
12 g/ oz sweet almond oil
10 g/ oz clear carrot tissue oil (without the colouring)
5 g/ oz shea butter
5 g/ oz aloe vera gel
2 g/ oz vitamin E
2 g/ oz natural preservative
18 drops juniper essential oil
13 drops lemon essential oil
8 drops oregano essential oil
1 g/ oz food flavouring
1 SMIDGEN mica colouring
  • Before you start making the scrub, sterilise tools, containers and work surface. Wear gloves.
  • Add the salts and the sugar in a bowl and mix.
  • In another bowl add all the remaining ingredients, except the mica colouring.
  • You have 2 options: either to use the essential oils or food flavouring. NOT both together.
  • Pour the oil mixture into the salts and sugar mixture.
  • Mix well. Add the colour you chose and mix again. The scrub is ready.
  • Dead Sea salts are suitable to combat cellulite and stimulate blood circulation. They are 10 times richer than other types of salts; they contain potassium, calcium, mercury, chlorine, sodium, bromine, and sulphate. Dead Sea salts have soothing, antiseptic, healing and moisturising properties.
  • Sugar functions as a water magnet, holding the water molecules to the skin; detoxifies while removes dead skin cells.
  • Hazelnut oil is a highly astringent oil. It tightens the pores and protects tissues from free radicals.
  • Carrot oil moisturises, nourishes, regenerates and tightens the skin, tones its elasticity and fights free radicals.
  • Sweet almond oil has significant healing and moisturising properties, stimulates and balances the skin’s functions.
  • Shea butter increases the skin’s elasticity, tightens and rejuvenates the tired skin.
  • Aloe vera gel is softening, soothing and astringent component.
  • The reason I used preservative in this recipe is because we use it in the bathroom and only a few drops of water are enough to spoil your scrub sooner. Thus, we protect the scrub from bacteria and mold.
  • Vitamin E is the most powerful antioxidant component. It keeps the skin’s moisture to normal, preventing dryness. It has rich anti- aging and soothing effect and protects the skin from free radicals.
  • Juniper essential oil opens the skin pores and detoxifies, the lemon tightens while oregano has emollient properties.
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