Monday, February 29, 2016

evening primrose & helichrysum eye cream

evening primrose & helichrysum eye cream by Stella Crown
Today we will talk about a rich cream for our sensitive eyes, which ensures deep, long-lasting hydration, fights eye bags and dark circles, softens and regenerates the skin. It prevents premature aging and fights also against existing wrinkles. A 3-in-1 cream that can be applied twice a day and is necessary before using makeup.
Special guests: Italian helichrysum because it activates the skin circulation, tightens the skin tissues, fights dark circles and de-puffs your eyes while evening primrose  has an extremely high content of fatty acids, mainly linoleic and gamma-linolenic acid, ideal for the sensitive area around eyes.

recipe for ~60 g | 2.1 oz

cosmetic phase a:
6 g | 0.21 oz shea butter
4 g | 0.14 oz jojoba oil
2 g | 0.07 oz hazelnut oil
5 g | 0.18 oz emulsifying waxes

cosmetic phase b:
18 g | 0.63 oz helichrysum floral water
10 g | 0.35 oz chamomile floral water
5 g | 0.18 oz aloe vera gel
0,5 g | 0.018 oz caffeine powder

cosmetic phase c:
4 g | 0.14 oz evening primrose oil
2 g | 0.07 oz hyaluronic acid
1 g | 0.04 oz cucumber extract
1 g | 0.04 oz vitamin E
1 g | 0.04 oz vegetable collagen
12 drops marine elastin
12 drops natural preservative

cosmetic phase d:
2 drops chamomile essential oil
1 drop palmarosa essential oil
  • Before you start making the cream, sterilise tools, containers, work surface and wear gloves.
  • Follow the cosmetic cream preparation procedure, which you can find, here.
  • Evening primrose oil is a very sensitive oil, that’s why you add it in the 3rd cosmetic phase.
  • Shea butter increases the skin elasticity, tightens and revitalizes the tired skin, fights free radicals and is an excellent anti-aging component while jojoba oil is antioxidant, softens and rejuvenates and penetrates deeply as it resembles skin texture.
  • Hazelnut oil tightens the pores, moisturises deeply, protects the skin while being absorbed directly.
  • Chamomile floral water is anti-allergic and relieving, aloe vera gel softens and heals the skin while caffeine helps de-puffs your eyes and reduces dark circles.
  • Hyaluronic acid hydrates and gives elasticity and firmness to the skin while the cucumber extract activates the growth and proliferation of the cells, stimulates and tightens.
  • Vegetable collagen is a natural glycoprotein extract that mimes the properties of the collagen that our skin already produces, hydrates and smoothes the skin while marine elastin stimulates elasticity and prevents wrinkles.
  • Palmarosa contributes to cellular regeneration whereas chamomile is soothing and anti-inflammatory.
  • You apply the cream on the bone around the eyes, on eye bags, on dark circles and in the goose leg, twice a day on clean skin. Avoid application very close to the eyes.
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