Wednesday, September 23, 2015

diy natural pumpkin spice body cream

pumpkin spice body cream by Stella Crown
It’s the time of the year for fabulous treats and filling the air with warm blend of spices! Fall inspires pumpkin spice spirit, while pumpkin production is overwhelming right now.
So, I decided to design a cream, combining pumpkins, apples, almonds and other seasonal seeds that is suitable for body and face!
A moisturizing, nutritious, antioxidant, firming & anti-aging cream.
An autumn cream which fits everywhere!

Special guest: Donkey milk, a fine raw material in cosmetology as it is rich in proteins, ceramides, phospholipids, strengthens collagen and acts anti-bacterially. It also contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, D, E and fatty acids omega3 and omega6. It fights against aging, soothes the skin, tightens while it is perfect eczema, acne, psoriasis or other skin conditions. With this ingredient, my cream may not be vegan, but I gain properties that I will not find concentrated in another cosmetic raw ingredient.

recipe for ~ 100 g | 3.5 oz

cosmetic phase a:
10 g | 0.35 oz pumpkin seed oil
3 g | 0.11 oz walnut oil
3 g | 0.11 oz grape seed oil
3 g | 0.11 oz sweet almond oil
8 g | 0.28 oz emulsifying wax
3 g | 0.11 oz beeswax

cosmetic phase b:
45 g | 1.6 oz orange floral water
5 g | 0.18 oz vegetable glycerin
5 g | 0.18 oz donkey milk powder

cosmetic phase c:
6 g | 0.21 oz apple seed oil
3 g | 0.11 oz hyaluronic acid
3 g | 0.11 oz provitamin B5 (d- panthenol)
1 g | 0.035 oz fig extract
1 g | 0.035 oz vitamin E
12 drops vitamin A
1 g | 0.035oz natural preservative

cosmetic phase d:
for the body
1 g | 0.035 oz pumpkin spice flavouring oil
8 drops cinnamon essential oil
5 drops ginger essential oil
3 drops nutmeg essential oil
1 drop allspice essential oil
1 drop clove essential oil

for the face
8 drops orange essential oil
5 drops mandarin essential oil
2 drops neroli essential oil
  • Before start making the cream, we sterilise tools, containers, working surface and wear our gloves.
  • We follow the cosmetic cream preparation procedure which you can find, here.
  • Apple seed oil is added to the cosmetic phase c because it is a very sensitive oil. It is rich in oleic and linoleic acids, hydrates, accelerates the natural process of collagen production and contributes strongly to cellular regeneration.
  • Pumpkin seed oil is rich in fatty acids, proteins, vitamins A, C, E, antioxidants and powerful moisturizing ingredients.
  • Walnut oil has stimulating and anti-inflammatory properties, is absorbed directly and particularly preferred in massage. Anti-aging oil with regenerative, moisturizing and softening effects, healing while provides sunscreen protection. 
  • Grape seed oil is thin, absorbed directly without leaving any greasiness. Rich in fatty acids, polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins and trace elements.
  • Sweet almond oil is rich in vitamins E and K, has significant anti-aging and healing properties, contains palmitate, oleic and linoleic acids, trace elements such as zinc oxide and iron, essential  components for balancing the skin's functions.
  • Orange floral water has moisturizing, refreshing and soothing properties while rejuvenates all skin types.
  • Vegetable glycerin is coming from coconut, gives a silky and soft texture to the skin, while fig extract removes the dead cells of the outer layer of the skin, but: BE CAREFULL if your skin type is dry, do not use it in your cream.
  • Hyaluronic acid is derived from wheat and is considered worldwide as one of the best active ingredients, providing elasticity and firmness to the skin while provitamin B5 connects intracellular proteins, proliferates cells and maintains skin moisture at normal levels.
  • Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant and hydrates & moisturises while vitamin A removes dead cells and regenerates the skin tissues.
  • About the essential oil blend for the body: cinnamon is antibacterial and suitable for cold winter nights, ginger essential oil is anti-inflammatory, nutmeg essential oil is antioxidant, allspice essential oil is anti-aging and clover stimulates the immune system. Do not use this essential oil blend on your face.
  • About the essential oil blend for the face: orange essential oil is antiseptic and contributes to collagen production, mandarin is soothing, anti-wrinkle and suppressive while neroli enhances the skin elasticity.
  • This cream can be used as a body/ hand cream, or as a facial night cream. As you already have seen, I recommend you a different blend of essential oils for the face. Please be careful, do not use the body blend of essential oils on your face.
Stella Crown©
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