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apple of discord & beauty benefits (apple, Malus domestica)

(για Ελληνικά, μεταφερθείτε προς τα κάτω)
apple picking
Greek mythology is full of references to apples. They were offered as a wedding gift to Hera when she married Zeus, a tradition that was customized later by Solon. The ancient Greeks believed that this fruit was protected by the nymphs of Milia, while Homer used the apple as a reason for the Trojan War to break out, writing that Paris had naively offered the Golden Apple of Discord to Aphrodite. Alexander the Great believed that apples contributed to longevity and the Pythagoreans also used it as an occult symbol.

The apple tree is a deciduous tree, belongs to the rose family, it blooms in spring and gives us its apples in the autumn. The cultivation of the apple tree is reported by Theophrastus in the 3rd century BC.

The apple contains malic and citric acid, tannin, pectin, gelatin, starch, sugars B, A, C, E, K, b-carotene, fiber, folic acid, biotin, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium. From the ingredients, we understand why we describe the importance of the apple using the famous quote "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" as it helps digest and burn fat and actually have very few calories, helps the body to stay healthy. Apples are astringent, revitalize the body, help the kidney and the liver function and they also combat skin diceases.
They heal from diarrhea, fight constipation and treat heartburn. They reduce the bacteria of the mouth so we can have healthy and shiny teeth, help in the vigor and the skin shining, they also help in weight loss. They strengthen our immune system, belong to anti-cancer foods and reduce cholesterol. They improve our vision and prevent the cataract, stimulate our heart and respiratory, while also reducing the risk of stroke. 
For more information, consult your doctor.

Recently, I found apple seed oil and apple extract in order to use them for their cosmetic properties. So happy!
The apple seed oil is rich in oleic and linoleic acids that enhance the overall appearance of the skin. It accelerates the natural collagen production process of the skin and contributes strongly to cellular regeneration while apple extract contains AHA, revitalizes the skin, maintains its elasticity and features anti-aging properties. 
Both of the apple products have natural UV filtration properties, help to give the skin a rejuvenated look and are used in the treatment of various skin conditions, including acne.

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