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diy natural beauty hair therapy

hair repair & treatment oils by Stella Crown 
During the summer our hair can get seriously damaged; sun, salt and wind are the main dehydrating factors, resulting in our hair losing its shine and liveliness, breaking, tangling and getting split ends. For all these reasons I made 3 hair repair recipes with vegetable oils to restore softness and shine, with rich texture that doesn’t add weight to the hair. The natural ingredients contained in these treatments work together to reconstruct and moisturise the hair immediately, repair its damage and restore its natural condition.
In order to apply these oils to your hair though, it would be good to stop by the hairdresser and get rid of split ends :) 

recipe for ~60 g/ 2.1 oz

normal hair:
18 g/ 0.63 oz macadamia oil
17 g/ 0.60 oz jojoba oil
15 g/ 0.53 oz soy oil
5 g/ 0.18 oz phytokeratine
3 g/ 0.11 oz vegetable silicone
2 g/ 0.07 oz wheat protein
1 g/ 0.04 oz vitamin E
1 g/ 0.04 oz vitamin F
4 drops orange essential oil
3 drops lavender essential oil
2 drops geranium essential oil

dry hair: 
18 g/ 0.63 oz babassu oil
17 g/ 0.60 oz argan oil
15 g/ 0.53 oz castor oil
5 g/ 0.18 oz phytokeratine
3 g/ 0.11 oz vegetable silicone 
2 g/ 0.07 oz wheat protein
1 g/ 0.04 oz vitamin E
1 g/ 0.04 oz vitamin F
4 drops chamomile essential oil 
3 drops achillea essential oil
2 drops geranium essential oil 

oily hair:
18 g/ 0.63 oz camelia oil
17 g/ 0.60 oz fractionated coconut oil
15 g/ 0.53 oz sesame oil
5 g/ 0.18 oz phytokeratine
3 g/ 0.11 oz vegetable silicone
2 g/ 0.07 oz oat protein
1 g/ 0.04 oz vitamin E
1 g/ 0.04 oz vitamin F
4 drops thyme essential oil
3 drops rosemary essential oil
2 drops lemon essential oil
  • Pour the ingredients of your selected recipe into a beaker and mix.
  • Pour the mixture into a sterilised spray bottle, of dark color preferably. Shake again and let the ingredients mix for 48 hours. 
  • Before washing your hair, shake the bottle and spray the oil onto the hair. Try applying the treatment oil with your fingers as much as you can. Leave the mask on for about half an hour (or even more if you like).
  • Optionally you can wrap the hair in a warm wet towel. Here opinions differ: others want the hair to breathe and they don’t wrap it (like me), while others believe that with the warm wet towel the hair follicles open up and the product works better.
  • When the time comes for washing: apply shampoo on the hair first, wash thoroughly and then rinse. Repeat the procedure once again. If you wet your hair first it will be impossible to wash away the oil, so be careful. 
  • These specific treatment oils are appropriate for application from the root to the ends.
  • Macadamia oil really helps damaged hair to regain its lost shine, gives elasticity and strengthens the hair from its roots, while helping their faster growth.
  • Jojoba oil soothes the scalp, moisturises and tones up the hair, gives elasticity and shine while forming and repairing damaged ends.
  • Soy oil penetrates deeply, strengthens the roots and heals the scalp skin, leaving hair extremely soft.
  • Babassu oil restores hair health, moisturises deeply and heals from dryness and itchiness of scalp skin.
  • Argan oil repairs shine on dull, dry and damaged hair, strengthens the root and repairs ends.
  • Castor oil heals the scalp, fights xeroderma, protects from split ends, gives the hair volume and shine, moisturises deeply and activates the hair’s quick growth.
  • Camelia oil nourishes the hair deeply and is perfect for oily hair, as it is an oil similar to jojoba oil: it moisturizes without leaving greasiness.
  • A similarly light oil is fractionated coconut oil. It offers rich softening properties, without making the hair heavier, it is immediately absorbed and doesn’t leave greasiness.
  • Sesame oil is known for its soothing properties. It moisturizes and nourishes scalp skin, strengthens the ends and protects them from splitting.
  • Phytokeratine comes from wheat; it reinforces and moisturizes hair making it soft and shiny, while vegetable silicone protects, softens and repairs hair.
  • Wheat protein softens and moisturises dehydrated hair, silk protein makes hair smooth and shiny, while oat protein restores and repairs rough hair.
  • Vitamin E fights hair damage, repairs damaged ends and improves scalp condition, while vitamin F improves hair quality, protects from the high temperatures of drying and soothes scalp dryness.
  • Orange, lavender and geranium essential oils tone up and repair hair, chamomile, achillea and geranium essential oils repair softness and shine, while the combination of thyme, rosemary and lemon essential oils moisturise and nourish while removing greasiness.
Stella Crown© 
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