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cosmetic clays & benefits

cosmetic clays
Clays are hydrous, aluminous phyllosilicate minerals that contain various amounts of metals, metal oxides and organic compounds. They form as a result of the weathering of rocks, mostly silicate- bearing, due to the presence of carbonic acids and other solvents.

Clay is rich in silicon, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, copper, zinc, selenium and manganese, and its color variety is due to the iron and manganese oxides it contains, depending on the kind. It has absorptive and antioxidant capacity. It helps blood circulation and acts against aging. It penetrates the skin pores, removes dead cells and eliminates sebum and blackheads. It also acts against cellulite.

It is one of the completely natural ingredients, it is important however to know which kind of clay is appropriate for our skin, because if we choose an inappropriate one we will surely get bad results. Let’s take a look at the most important kinds:

green clay
It is appropriate for oily and acne-prone skin. A very absorptive clay, it detoxifies, removes pollutants and dead cells, firms and regulates sebum. If green clay is used on dry skin, its use should be limited to once a week, because it tends to reduce skin moisture levels. It is not recommended for sensitive skin.

yellow clay 
Rich in iron, mostly appropriate for sensitive skin, but can also be used on combination or oily skin. It helps with eczema. It detoxifies, deep-cleanses the pores, heals and oxygenates. 

Particularly rich in calcium and magnesium, it significantly regenerates the skin. It has the best absorptive properties. It is appropriate for oily skin. It cannot be used as a mask because it tends to harden and pull the skin. It can only be used in soaps.

white clay 
It is appropriate for all skin types and ideal for dry and sensitive skin. It has antibacterial action, treats skin irritations, removes toxins, dead cells and sebum from pores and it exfoliates without removing natural skin oils.

rhassoul clay
It is considered the strongest clay for detoxifying skin. It is appropriate for all skin types. It reduces skin dryness as well as oiliness, enhances elasticity and removes dead cells. It is my favorite, I use it everywhere!

red clay 
It is ideal for skin rejuvenation. It has high iron content (that’s where it gets its color from), it regenerates cells, gives shine and is appropriate for stretch marks, scars, burn marks, dark circles and under-eye bags, also acting against sagging. It balances, relieves and reconstructs skin. If used on the face, it fits better to normal, dry and sensitive skin. 

pink clay
It is considered appropriate for sensitive and irritable skin, ideal for those with allergic reactions. It restores natural pH, revitalizes and gives shine. It is particularly active and might irritate skin after use; this is not permanent, however, and this is why we should use it in the evening in order to give skin time to heal until the next morning. 

recipes with clays
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