Friday, May 5, 2017

diy calendula & chamomile soothing baby cream

calendula & chamomile baby cream by Stella Crown
I wanted to post this recipe since October 2016, when my niece was born, but as usual, I didn’t find the time to do it. Better late than never, so here is the soft & nourishing cream for your baby's delicate skin which is also suitable for older children.. like me for example 😜😂😂

Caution: Essential oils will be added after the baby’s first 3 months. Until then, you can make the cream odorless or just use a cosmetic scent.

recipe for ~ 100 g/ 3.6 oz

cosmetic phase a:
6 g/ 0.21 oz cocoa butter
6 g/ 0.21 oz calendula oil
4 g/ 0.14 oz sweet almond oil
2 g/ 0.07 oz castor oil
4 g/ 0.14 oz emulsifying wax
4 g/ 0.14 oz beeswax

cosmetic phase b:
68 g/ 2.4 oz chamomile floral water
5 g/ 0.18 oz vegetable glycerin

cosmetic phase c:
1 g/ 0.04 oz vitamin E
1 g/ 0.04 oz provitamin B5 (d- panthenol)
1 g/ 0.04 oz natural preservative

cosmetic phase d:
3 drops chamomile essential oil
3 drops lavender essential oil
12 drops cosmetic fragrance for babies
  • Before we start making our baby cream, we sterilise tools, containers, work surface and we wear our gloves.
  • We follow the cosmetic cream preparation procedure, which you can find here.
  • Cocoa butter provides antioxidant properties, hydrates deeply, treats and heals the irritated skin.
  • Calendula oil is the ideal oil for delicate infant skin. It softens the irritated skin and heals the diaper’s rashes.
  • Sweet almond oil is light, instantly absorbed, stimulates and softens the baby's skin while also providing wellness.
  • Castor oil is suitable for the healing of skin irritations with remarkable antioxidant properties, while beeswax softens, treats and soothes the baby’s skin.
  • Chamomile floral water is the ideal soothing component to nourish the baby's skin, acting mildly and beneficial, while vegetable glycerin from coconut oil gives a soft and silky texture.
  • Vitamin E keeps the skin hydrated naturally, providing a rich softening effect while provitamin B5 (d-panthenol) soothes and heals drastically irritations and wounds.
  • Chamomile essential oil is anti-inflammatory while lavender is antiseptic and healing.
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