Monday, June 25, 2018

diy vanilla & orange sugar scrub

vanilla & orange sugar scrub by Stella Crown
Lately, I am often absent and when I’m back, blogging seems a kind of a luxury. Obligations are accumulating and their classification causes me horror; what if I am a librarian and know exactly how to get the job done? listening the “obligation” word is enough to spoil everyone’s psychology. And somewhere here, while I was passing in front of the grocery, trying to find a solution to fix things and situations, a crate full of oranges whispered in my ear “USE US”. That was it! It was time to throw out of my life toxins and toxic people, I grabbed my suitcase and came back to what I love. I started with a body scrub (watch the symbolism coming), the only way to get rid of dead cells, pollutants and toxins.

My new favourite ingredient comes from orange, in fact it is an oily extract, smooth in texture and pleasantly aromatic. I have added it everywhere, I even wear it as a night serum itself. Generally, orange has been used in aromatherapy to combat stress, depression and other conditions associated with nervous system function. At the same time it also contributes to the production of collagen and has a strong brightening effect on the skin.
And because in this blog we are interested in being happy and sparkling, mentally and physically, I added orange infused oil to a delicious and creamy scrub, using foaming bath butter, as I have done already here. So when this scrub is applied to wet skin, lathers and exfoliates, leaving the skin smooth, soft, and clean.

Vanila & Orange Sugar Scrub 
recipe for ~ 500 g | 18 oz

248 g | 8.7 oz foaming bath butter
183 g | 6.5 oz white crystal sugar
32 g | 1.1 oz orange peel infused almond oil
30 g | 1.06 oz vanilla infused sunflower oil (BIO)
poppy seeds (optional)
24 drops orange essential oil
20 drops bergamot essential oil
14 drops vanilla essential oil

Firstly, you sterilise tools, equipment, work surface and you wear gloves. This project is easy but it cannot be dirty.

You also will need a hand mixer. Then, simply add the ingredients together in a bowl and whip together. Your scrub is ready :)

Apply directly to wet skin and scrub in a circular massage motion to lather and exfoliate. 

Since the scrub does not contain water or other water-soluble ingredients, the preservative is not necessary. It may though come in contact with water during the shower and because of that, I recommend adding a preservative at 0.5% to keep the product safe.