Tuesday, January 12, 2016

hyaluronic acid

what is hyaluronic acid
It is produced by the fibroblasts of our body and is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Over the years, however, the production from our skin is decreasing, having as a result, skin dehydration and wrinkle formation. That's why myths and fairy tales have been written about hyaluronic acid- I don’t think I need to mention the crazy advertisements of expensive formulations with dubious quality that promise eternal youth.
Hyaluronic acid, which most of us use in handmade cosmetics, does not promise miracles, but it retains the natural moisture of the skin, resulting in the skin being tinted, fresh and refreshed. The one I use to my cosmetics  is a biotechnology product with 100% plant origin (read about wheat).
It is one of the most ideal ingredients for anti-aging products. It absorbs enormous amounts of water and can hydrate the skin deeply. It is in the form of a dilute gel and keeps a pH of 6.6. It is a water-soluble product which is added to the 3rd cosmetic phase when we make a lotion or it is diluted in floral water and we get sprayed with it. The mature skins can apply it by its own and then apply their moisturising cream.

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