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get flawless skin with witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana)

Usually, when I hear the term “witch hazel”, I always think about her 😜⬎⬎⬎

but actually, I want to talk about this ⬇
witch hazel, the magical plant
Witch hazel is basically a tree which can reach up to 6 meters and we find it in America, but it also thrives in my country, Greece. It has oval leaves and unusual petals (as narrow strips) with sweet fragrance. It was used as a drug by the North American Indians for its curative and astringent properties, a therapeutic method for eye problems, wounds, postpartum bleeding. Today it is used for various skin issues but it is also popular for its anti-aging benefits.
select your witch hazel tree
It contains amalitanin, saponin traces, flavonoids, resins, sugars, tannins and light anaesthetic oil.

In medicine, it is used for internal or external hemorrhages, treats hemorrhoids due to its decongestant action, relieves varicose veins and is suitable for ophthalmic washing. It cures sun burns, reduces period pain, it’s menstrual and soothes the skin from insect bites.

Consult your doctor, before using.
witch hazel flower
For our cosmetics, we find witch hazel as vegetable oil, and more often we find it floral water. It is suitable for all skin types, especially for oily and acne-prone skin types, ideal for the eye area as it fights bags and dark circles, tightens the pores, relieves and calms the skin. It has regenerative and anti-aging properties, protects against premature aging, acts antiseptically and antioxidantly and fights acne and black spots. It also treats dry skin as it tends to "lock" the moisture in.
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