Sunday, January 10, 2016

snail elixir, the latest beauty must-have

magical world of snails
The miraculous properties of snail slime have been known since antiquity. Hippocrates used snail slime to restore and repair the skin but also to treat stomach ulcer. Today, it is widely used in medicine; in surgeries, for example, they use the snail's secretion to heal the incisions on the patient's skin.
This slime contains mycopolysaccharides, allantoin, polysaccharides, collagen and elastin, is potent healing, regenerates tissues, it has antioxidant activity and antibiotic properties. It also contains microproteins, micropeptides, amino acids, and vitamins, moisturizes, disinfects and exfoliates. It nourishes and protects the skin, regenerates tissues and scars, stretch marks, wrinkles.
Furthermore, it removes dead skin cells, it heals inflammation, balances and controls acne and it’s antibacterial.

All of the above is important for the snail itself initially, which it drives its body into uneven soils and in order to protect itself and not get injured, it secretes its saliva. So his tissues are constantly renewed.

These substances and their properties penetrate directly into our skin as their composition is proportionally acceptable to human skin.
The snail's secretion can not be artificially reconstituted.

recipes with snail slime
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