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genesa crystal, energy & meditation

genesa crystal
Genesa crystal is a structure that symbolises and reproduces the intention of the life force. An intention that only positive can be called after represents the time of this intention.
When Derald Langham created genesa crystal in 1940, he had studied already the spiral movement of cell reproduction in their division and on the momentum of life; the “intension” of the cells, reproducing the miracle of life, was the meaning of creating the genesa crystal. He wrote then “genesa crystal is decoding MATRIX (means a coded representation of the energy at the time of cell division), the vitality which is connected with the spiralling motion of any vital energy in all forms of development and mutation.

This sphere is a source of positive energy and a black hole for every negative energy. It is an antenna that is directed by you and your intentions, as well. It is something that obeys you, so it is standing as a helper to your desires. Many people say that brings luck, and here was the point that made me study it too.

Genesa crystal can coordinate in every space; it ionises and purifies the air while adds positive energy. It is a structure that helps in, so-called, lines of energy. We all have heard the saying “this has been for me a negative energy” or “I was charged positively/ negatively” by someone or by a situation.

what do we mean by saying “positive and negative energy”
There is no positive or negative energy, there is only energy. But the, so-called, “intention” is exactly what defines if an action is positive or negative.
The intention expresses the way that we direct the energy in our soul. When we steer it in a positive direction for life, is called positive, but when we steer it on a negative on, we call it negative. 

For example, when someone says negative things about you, then you feel awful because this energy is transmitted to your body and suddenly you feel weak. In Greece, we have a name for this, known as “the evil eye”. It is about a disturbance in world energy within body and soul. Then we are looking for ways to restore this disorder, in a positive, again, coordination and when we achieve this, we feel well again.

If you want to meditate or if you feel a disturbance of the energy situation, it is sufficient to put the sphere on your body and lying down naked, without other metal objects to touch your chest. At the same time you should think or imagine something that causes you pleasure, think what you really want, think what do you desire and how you can make it happen. The results will appear immediately.

After a few sessions, you will feel how much greater resistance you have against any negativity. At the same time you will feel the power of positivity and intention of life to push you around and above, more and more forward. It must be said that when you are in this positive mood, you transmit it around you also, to the people, to the animals, to the plants. The sphere as an object in your space therefore has another benefit for you, for example, if someone negatively charged, enters in your house, the sphere will absorb the energy, not you. 

Except all these, the shape and the appearance of the sphere, attracts people staring at it, while it causes a pleasant feeling. 
In an experiment we performed, we put 8 items on a table: a wallet with money, a bunch of roses, a wooden statuette, a photo of a sunset, a gold ring, a modern mobile phone, an expensive writing pen and the genesa crystal. We found out that 22 of the 29 people we asked, admitted that they looked into the sphere firstly. 24 of them admitted that they liked it as an object, while the rest of them, were aesthetically indifferent.

If you place an item that you wear every day, like a necklace or a ring, inside the sphere before sleep at night, without resting on a metal point (the position of the sphere should be on the triangle, when you place an object inside it), you will charge this item with positive energy. So, when you wear it back, you get this energy with you. Even if you think that something is charged with negative energy, this action will unload the item and will add positivity. The experiment I carried out, many years ago, with two same pieces of cheese, proved me that the sphere works this way.
I placed a piece of cheese inside the sphere and another one away from the sphere. The piece of cheese inside the sphere altered in double time than the other piece which was outside. In a second experiment, I left a piece of cheese in front of a TV screen, while it was turned on. Then the cheese deterioration time was four time faster than the cheese which was in the sphere.

Many people, when they wake up in the morning and take their breakfast, they like to have the sphere leaning over them. They boost themselves positively this way before they start their day. Genesa crystals are manufactured also in large dimensions, up to 2 meters, placed usually in gardens. The reason is that the sphere acts very positive in the development and health of the plants, as well as classical music. It is also proved that a sphere like the one you see in the picture, which is only 16cm, can affect everything in a distance up to 150 m. Imagine, in a 2 meter distance that you cover, how much power outputs to the environment. Also, many of us like sitting in the large sphere for a while or meditating therein.

After a study we’ve done with my colleagues on the issue of how to be in contact the rings connections, we found out that, contrary to the claims of those who weld or put the so-called spacers, the transport in loads, after our measurements, was better than the contact without additional insertion of another brazing material or spacer; at least for this little sphere which was the object of our laboratory studies. 

Finally, I know that a big part of the western human model, with its materialistic philosophy and the illusion of the technological development, is generally careful and suspicious with such theories. It is the belief that whatever hasn’t a plug or doesn’t burn hydrocarbons, isn’t technology. This isn’t though the concept of technology.

I make and send such spheres to everybody, all over the world. I believe that as many  as spheres are on the planet, more things are affected positively.
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